Free Housing Loan Calculator, Legal Fee & Stamp Duty Calculation

Before going into detail of using the housing loan calculator let’s find out what is in the government’s 2019 Budget for first time house buyers. Check it out at the below table :-

Below is the sample of calculation based on house price of RM300,000. You may type in the house price that you would like to buy, down payment and for how long. It will do all the calculations and will present you with estimated monthly payment.

#Note: First-time home buyers who purchase house RM500,000 and below will get stamp duty of SPA and loan agreement waived for two years till end-2020 and result of that:SPA stamp duty and Loan Agreement stamp duty waived.
* SPA stamp duty of RM5000.00 waived
* Loan Agreement stamp Duty Of RM1350.00 waived

Total initial payment would be: RM30,000 (downpayment) + RM3,000 + RM2,700 = RM35,700

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